• Am I required to create an ASM Club Membership?

    No. Please note that ASM Club Members will receive 5% back on all programs and lessons. Discount will automatically apply to logged in members.

  • How do I receive my 5% discount?

    After purchasing a membership, members will receive a discount automatically applied in checkout. Please make sure you use the same email address during checkout that you used to buy the membership.

    You may purchase the membership at the same time as other programs. You will receive a 5% discount automatically at checkout on the other program(s) so long as the membership and the other program are both in the cart.  

  • International

    5% discount does not apply to membership purchase or to programs outside of the U.S. 

  • Does my ASM Club Membership renew after 1 year?

    No, the Membership is a one-time purchase valid for one year. You will need to repurchase the membership in order to continue enjoying the benefits. 

  • Will I be refunded if I want to cancel my membership early?

    No, the Membership is a one-time purchase valid for one year. if you wish to discontinue your membership, it will expire after one year. There will be no prorated refunds. After it has expired you will need to repurchase the membership in order to continue enjoying the benefits. 

  • Can I cancel my registration for an ASM Program?

    Yes. You have several options: (1) you may change which weeks you are registered for at any time without cost. If you are unable to change weeks, (2) ASM will issue a credit in the amount paid including deposits for any future ASM program registration.

  • What happens if my child cannot complete the term?

    Please check that the player/child is available for all the sessions of the program as we cannot offer refunds once the term has started. If there are exceptional circumstances as to why the course cannot be continued, please contact Christian Moulin (Director) at  programs@asmtennisacademy.com

    There are no refunds for missed sessions. 

  • I've already paid and registered for the course but I need to change the day I am registered for.

    You can change the day provided the course you wish to change to is not full. Please email us at programs@asmtennisacademy.com

  • Can I reschedule my tennis lesson?

    We customize our lessons and programs for the needs of the players and this relationship is necessary for improvement and accountability for both players and our coaches.  For this reason, ASM requires 24 hours notice for a player to be granted a make-up for all tennis lessons (private, semi-private, and group lessons).  If notice is not given within 24 hours, the player will be billed for the lesson.

  • What happens if my child does not enjoy the tennis program?

    If the player/child is seemingly not enjoying the course, please e-mail Christian Moulin (Director) at programs@asmtennisacademy.com and we can find another class or option for the player/child.  

  • How do I add my child's information (name, age, etc.) when registering for a program?

    Your child's registration information is saved to your ASM Account. To add or change information, please go to your ASM Account page. This information can be edited at any time.

  • What time does the program start and finish?

    The courses vary in start/finish time. Please, check our website for tennis training schedules. If you are unsure which group is suitable, you should contact Christian Moulin (Director) at programs@asmtennisacademy.com

  • How can I pay for a program?

    All players must complete an online booking and pay prior to starting the course or through our partner payment processing application (Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, etc.) or via invoice.  If you wish to pay via cash, please email us at programs@asmtennisacademy.com

  • Can I have a trial session prior to registration?

    We will not always be able to offer trial sessions however, please talk to the coach or email ASM Director Christian Moulin as they will be able to advise you if the course is suitable for your child.

  • How early can I book/schedule courses?

    If the details of the course are not on the website, then it is not available to book. Generally, courses are available one month prior to booking. Check back regularly as places are limited.

  • What else do I need to do when registering for an ASM Program?

    After completing checkout for a program, if a player has not done tennis training with us before then you must complete the player information form online (the form will remember your details for next time). To add or change information, please go to your ASM Account page. We cannot accept bookings without an player information form or payment. By completing the booking process online you agree to our booking Terms and Conditions

  • Does a parent/guardian have to be present throughout the junior session?

    No. However, please do not be late to collect your child as the club does not have the staff or facility to look after unaccompanied children. 

  • Does my child need a racquet?

    Your child does not need a racquet as we have spare ones at the club. However, if your child is playing on a regular basis it is advisable that they have their own racquet. 

  • What should my child wear?

    A child should wear leisure/sport clothes i.e. a tracksuit, athletic shorts or skirt. 

  • Who coaches/teaches the program?

    Fully qualified coaches teach the session and helpers assist. Coaches can change the schedule of classes during training periods.

  • What about shoes?

    Tennis shoes/Trainers should be worn. No black soled shoes please.