Terms & Conditions

When registering for and/or participating in an ASM Tennis Academy program, you are agreeing to these terms:

General Terms

  1. Refunds: There will be no refunds made for absences or voluntary withdrawals. If available, you may change which weeks you are registered for at any time for no charge. If you are unable to change weeks, ASM will issue a credit in the amount paid, including deposits, for any future program registration.

  2. We reserve the right to close current registration, reschedule classes, and/or cancel scheduled programs due to unforeseen events. If we are unable to reschedule, credit in the form of a giftcard good for one year will be offered (if program was already in session, amount credited will be pro-rated by number of days service provided).

  3. Space will not be held for participants unless full deposit payment is made.

  4. One make-up class is available once per session and before the end of the session period. Please send e-mail to programs@asmtennisacademy for info regarding make-up times.

  5. Registration is available even after a session has already started. Each ASM program will be prorated for the remaining number of classes in that program down to five (5) classes. Once 4 or fewer classes are remaining, clients must pay the slightly higher "per class" amount.

  6. Tennis classes will be cancelled due to weather! If a day is cancelled due to weather, make-up classes will be held. Please contact 703.505.5846 for weather cancellation information.

  7. I give permission for American Sports Management (ASM Tennis Academy) to use any photos/video taken during class in which myself or my child may appear in.

  8. I understand that any photo and/or video taken by ASM staff during camp tennis activities is the sole property of ASM.

  9. ASM will be given permission to use these photos/videos in print (on advertisements or marketing materials), on the web site, or other affiliated or sponsored web sites. If you would like to request that we remove an image/video of you or your child, please contact us.

  10. For Private, Semi-Private, Group Lessons: We customize our lessons and programs for the needs of the players and this relationship is necessary for improvement and accountability for both players and our coaches. For this reason, ASM requires 24 hours notice for a player to be granted a make-up for all tennis lessons (private, semi-private, and group lessons). If notice is not given within 24 hours, the player will be billed for the lesson.

Medical Release

I, the undersigned (self, parent or guardian) certify that the participant is in good and sufficient health to participate in the program and recreational activities at American Sports Management (ASM Tennis Academy). I understand and accept that the risk of injury is possible while playing and practicing tennis and while participating in recreational activities.

In order that I or my child (children) may receive necessary medical  treatment in the event of an illness or injury. I hereby authorize the program staff of American Sports Management (ASM Tennis Academy) to act in my or my child’s (children’s) best interest according to the staff’s best judgment in any emergency.

I release the program staff from any and all responsibility for any injury which I or my child (children) may sustain arising out of participation in this program.